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This blog is a little off topic but more than worthy. Our Assistant Manager Jackie Morrison felt compelled to act after witnessing first hand the increase in homelessness. This is her thoughts on the matter:

“As I left Tara Street station today and made my way to The Boxty House I came across a pretty girl probably in her late twenties sitting on the side of the street quietly with paper cup in hand.

My heart broke and I went to the coffee shop on the corner and bought her some food but as I waited for the food to be prepared I was saddened to watch so many people pass her by and completely dismiss her. I approached her with the food and she was so appreciative and thanked me so much that as I walked away from her I shed a tear – that could at some stage be my daughter or son down on their luck and trying to survive!

What upset me the most was the fact that nobody cared she was just another homeless person just another statistic so why should we care! Have we as a nation become so cold that as we get ready to begin another winter we will just ignore the fact that over 6,000 people in Ireland are homeless and one in three is a child? Do we as a nation just rant over these statistics when a homeless person dies near The Dail – Homeless people will die this winter -FACT!

I would have to say when I began work in Temple Bar nearly six years ago I would probably have had also the attitude of not caring but over those years my attitude has dramatically changed. I find myself regularly buying food and giving money. That’s why this Friday 21st October myself and some of my co workers have signed up for ‘Shine a Light Night’ in The Meeting House Square in Temple Bar where we will leave the comfort of our beds to raise money and awareness of the homeless plight in Dublin.”

Please support this great cause if you can. You can make donations by contacting us at or by contacting Focus Ireland at

All support will be greatly appreciated. We are delighted that several of our suppliers have agreed to make donations and we will be listing them as a show of appreciation at a future date.

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